Mooo Magazine

Mooo is a magazine exploring the surroundings and visitors of Studio Kalverliefde. Located in the countryside close to Amsterdam the studio is a safe bubble where stories and images are created that are closest to my heart. Mooo is also referred to by some as “The Green Playboy”, but unlike it’s namegiver, not focussing on the materialistic side of life.  No Cars nor Watches in Mooo, but pieces of Wood, Second-Hand Clothes, Poetry and genuine Portraits. It goes without saying that sophisticated Nudes are omnipresent, together with the proverbial Interview that makes it the perfect alibi to buy it.

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Concept: Paul Bellaart
Graphic Design: Jacqueline Heijmerink
Printed: Drukkerij Rob Stolk Amsterdam
Format: 27,5 x 34 cm
Features: 76 pages, Softcover

Language: Dutch

Copies: 500
Release: November 2023